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Your Video on the First Page of Google

Compete and Win in Today’s Hyper-demanding World

The demanding reality

If you are like most small to medium sized businesses, you know how tough it is to get your message out to find new prospects and customers.  Finding new prospects and clients is the life blood of growing your business and driving revenue for your company and profits for your stakeholders.  You have spent significant amount of time and money creating very useful YouTube videos that explain your offerings and why prospects should engage with your firm.  The current reality is that none of this matters if your target audience can’t find your videos and your message is not heard.  The single largest reason why companies fall short on achieving their sales goals is lack of new leads and prospects.  Effective lead generation is the most important part of revenue growth and the key to delivering the quality of life you are looking for.

The current problem preventing better performance

In spite of large investments in creating YouTube Business Videos, your lead generation efforts are stalled because clients and prospects interested in your products and services probably never see your videos and never hear your message. Having your videos appear on the first page of a Google Search results will make sure people know about your company and the great offerings you provide. Generating hundreds of new leads will fill your pipeline of new business leads and drive the revenue growth you need.

The Page 1 Video Solution – Make your Videos Found on Page One of a Google search results

Page 1 Video’s Search Engine Optimization service is specifically targeted to link you and your YouTube videos with hundreds of prospects that are searching for products and services like yours using the Google search engine. It can:

  • Place your YouTube videos on the first page of any Google natural search results
  • Make sure your company is known for the great products you provide
  • Provide your sales teams with hundreds of new, interested prospects to reach out to
  • Find those customers that are searching for offerings like yours, today!

How Can We Help You?

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Glenn Verchick

I can’t think of a more competitive industry than the Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Law. The Page 1 Video Service has enabled us to extend our reach, sign up new clients quickly and reduce our dependence on Paid Search and expensive billboard and direct mail campaigns. Hat’s off to the team at Page 1l Video for a job well done.

Glenn VerchickPartner, Verchick Law Firm

The Page 1 Video Service continues to impress me as a way to generate more leads faster. It puts my Lead Generation program into overdrive.

Marketing DirectorMajor Professional Services Firm

The Page 1 Video Service was instrumental in getting our message out, finding our target audience and driving our business forward. The Page 1 Video service is faster, better and cheaper than direct mail and newspaper advertising.

Catherine WinteringhamFounder and General Manager, TeleNurse